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Twitterpation Nintendation Expotation

I had four days off to watch streams of E3 2017, and boy, is my brain tired. Not that I am here to give you great coverage on that, as there's probably a thousand and one reputable Internet gaming outlets doing that already.  My perspective is more reactionary, that of a computer gamer, albeit one who has been at it for over thirty years...
...honestly, what passes for gaming these days is not quite as interesting as those early halcyon days when we there thrilled just to see pixels move.  Clearly, the bar has been raised.

For the most part, I ended up fixating on Nintendo's efforts.  What I saw from Microsoft and Sony was a whole lot of staying the course with bigger and better hardware.  Compared to that, what Nintendo does is fun.  (Granted, they are all out for our money, like any company with AAA budgets to recoup.)

On the low end of Nintendo's innovation was Mario Odyssey.  It was just sad.  Super Mario Galaxy was perhaps the perfect 3D Mario game, and I guess tryin…

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