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Sirens Call and Villainous Alt-A-Holicism

A fairly routine day in City of Heroes, but some cool stuff transpired.

Psi-Caster's adventures throughout Paragon City have slowed down considerably. Part of this, no doubt, is thanks to Cryptic setting the experience gain rate dail to "molasses in tights". But, there's two sides to everything, and no doubt my choosing not to group today had a lot to do with it. I was curious about what rate I could go through foes solo now that I've my Phantom Army fully greased up with single origin madness and ready to hurt things. The answer was a mediocre "reasonably good" - probably not quite as fast as a Scrapper or Blaster, but a lot faster than without the Phantom Army power. I must have knocked down a half dozen missions in about three hours time, one of them containing an Elite Boss, Hercules. Ol' Herc was a Spartan gang banger who found himself exuding more power than he was entitled to by wearing somebody else's wedding ring - and who wouldn…

An Optimal 20+: Bloody Bay and Sister Psyche

What are days off for? Binge playing MMORPGs, of course, and so it was into City of Heroes for me for the day. It's only mid-afternoon now, and what a productive day it was! In about 7 hours of play, I started at early level 20 and ended at early-to-mid level 24.

But how is this possible? If I were soloing, I bet it'd take me 3-5 hours just to get a single level. I'd say a lot of my success today had to do with three Factors: A Brute, Bloody Bay, and Sister Psyche.

Brutes don't normally get along with us heroes very well because Brutes are villains that aren't allowed in the same zone as heroes unless it's to fight. However, this guy apparently spawned in Outbreak through some bug introduced when he rolled his character. The player has been busy grabbing as much Paragon related swag as possible in the meanwhile. Who can blame him? It's not very often you're handed an opportunity to play a villain on the hero side of the game.

Normally, my exp…

Task Forces and Tribulations

Sunday and Monday were another couple good days for City of Heroes and the Psi-Caster.

---Sunday alone with the ghoulies---

Sunday was relatively slowgoing because I was soloing again, but I managed to get another level all by lonesome (level 26). The most interesting thing that happened that day was my chasing around the giant florescent green menace of Talos Island, the Ghost Ship. Having some long dead sailors drive their intangible ocean fishing trawler down the streets of the city would be harmless enough, but they've a nasty habit of throwing junk overboard. By junk, I mean lots of pissed off sailor spirits looking to tear apart anything in their path with negative energy blasting powers. Individually and in teams, the heroes of Paragon cleaned the resulting ghost refuse, and I earned the appropriately named "ectoplasmic" badge aftre putting enough of the good sailors to rest.

---Massive progress monday---

Psi-Caster made far more progress on Monday because I…

Exercises Min/Maxing a Scrapper

Wednesday I work all day, not much time for City of Heroes there. Thursday and Friday (which I took off or had off respectively) I mostly played The Nanites, getting him to level 24 and finally completing the Terra Volta trial with him, providing a much needed respec.

The powers I ended up picking for this Spines/Dark Armor Scrapper looked something like this:

Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers - Ranged : Spines
Secondary Powers - Support : Dark Armor

01 : Dark Embrace, 01 : Lunge, 02 : Death Shroud, 04 : Murky Cloud, 06 : Build Up, 08 : Impale, 10 : Combat Jumping, 12 : Swift, 14 : Health, 16 : Dark Regeneration, 18 : Obsidian Shield, 20 : Stamina, 22 : Super Jump, 24 : Acrobatics, 26 : Ripper, 28 : Cloak of Darkness, 30 : Hasten, 32 : Throw Spines, 35 : Oppressive Gloom, 38 : Soul Transfer

In comparison with my previous display, I opted to skip Barb Swipe and take Death Shroud instead. I was forced to take two outta three of Barb Swipe, Lunge, and Death Shroud. Lunge is my single …

Blog Mitosis - City of Heroes, The Grind

Welcome to my Blog.

I'd like to come up with a better title than that like, "Welcome to Digitally Staving Off Boredom", but fact of the matter is I might just be changing my title and poof - there goes my modularity. Suckage.

Anywho, here on this Blog I discuss things I've been doing while gaming lately, while striving to find something significant about that. For some of you, this may be fascinating, even educational - in a good way, not in ways involving yardsticks across your knuckles. For the rest of you, you won't get the point, don't sprain yourself trying.

City of Heroes

Just to bring everyone up to speed, at the time of this writing I'm playing City of Heroes, a game by Crypic Studios where you can play a hero in a massively multiplayer city. Alternately, you can play City of Villains, a half-sequel half-expansion that allows you to play a villain.

To an extent, City of Heroes can be described and played as a standard EverQuest-like clone. I…