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Lacking patience in Paragon

---Alt-A-Holicism Continues---

I'm still waffling between a Scrapper (which is fast-paced fun) and a Controller (which has more freedom of choice in combat), which is pretty bad sign I may be enjoying neither. Actually, there are times I enjoy playing both. However, the ease in which I can identify shortcomings in either (Scrappers are shallow, Controllers are slow) is repelling me between one and another like same charge magnets.

Choosing to go to the City of Villains is an entirely different can of worms. I'd functionally be abandoning both characters outright for having outleveled much of the enhancements the next issue likely would bring (the Scrapper is 27, the Controller 32). Throwing a villain into the mix just soups up the alt-a-holicism that much more by adding yet another character to entice my notice.

So basically, I'm caught between a mental rock and a hard place, my only real escape (other than quitting the game entirely) is to get one or the other to 50 before the issue is released. That might be achievable if I can stick to a single character, but which? Potent Scrapper or Flexible Controller?

I've been wrestling with that for about half a week now since I discovered the Phantasm does not, in fact, make a Controller's damage particularly great. That's too bad, it would have made the Scrapper's exceptional damage output a moot point, but Cryptic is too good at balancing for such an easy out.

---The Daily Grind: Psi-Caster Solos ---

I initially chose to play Psi-Caster a bit today. I rationalized that the Phantasm might do better damage with enhancements than I thought, and perhaps Lightning Storm (granted at 38) would do good damage. I also hated to lose that 8 level lead.

Psi-Caster ended up rattling through quite a few Croatoa missions until I got to an "outdoors indoors" one. I call it such because it was an instanced mission that takes place on an outdoorsy map, and such missions usually have far more mobs than really need to be engaged.

I don't know if it was my "unyielding" difficulty setting or what, but there were big groups of yellow minions with a couple of orange lieutenants in there. Those were good and challenging battles for Psi-Caster, whose varied abilities were more than up for a challenge that would likely be quite risky for Nanites. However, each battle took a considerable amount of time (even with ample use of combined arm strategies including my Phantom Army, Phantasm, and the Psi-Caster himself). After a couple of those battles, doubt had set in: I caved in and went back to The Nanites for most of the day. (Not much of consequence happened with the Nanites, I did a chain of Stirga Isle missions.)

Before I hit the sack that night, I was back to Psi-Caster earning all the plaque-reading badges needed for the Pupil achievement. At this point, all Psi-caster is missing for the Atlas Medallion (which grants a 5% endurance pool boost) is the Silver Bullet, earned by defeating Council werewolves. It's hard to care, knowing that half my heart belongs to the Nanites.


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