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Considering another weekend in Paragon City

--- Fun with Glitches ---

I think my hard drive had a minor stroke. Just now, I noticed that The Gimp won't let me launch it because it's missing some vital DLL file. Earlier, an issue in Paragon City is most of the shop interiors have vanished.

Because there was no floor on the client side, I fell. Because the server knew there was a floor there, I was jerked upwards to where the floor should be. Since there was still no floor on the client side, this process repeated.

I ran the "verify files" option in CoH, and it found and fixed something in the geom.ogg file. That was it, so huzzah for intelligent patching programs! This was definately a corrupted file issue, probably brought on by CoH locking up when I tried to zone in after login once.

--- City of Heroes Halloween Events ---

There's quite an excited fluster of players prowling the streets of Paragon City today, because the Halloween events are in town.

First, there's the basic "trick or treating", which involves knocking on doors in zones appropriate to your character's level. This will generate one of three responses. The most common was a genetic "You cannot enter" pop-up message like what normally happens when you try to enter a door that you can't. Alternately, one of two messages would pop up, "trick" or "treat". If it was "trick", then an encounter scaled to your group pops out of the door and attacks. If it was a "treat", you're given an inspiration or event salvage. The event salvage is one of four costume pieces that aren't wearable but, if turned in to a certain NPC, will unlock your fifth costume slot! Suffice to say, both Nanites and Psi-Caster now have an extra costume slot. It didn't take that long, thanks to trading with other players for my missing parts.

Second, there's some monster fights. I haven't actually encountered these monsters yet, but apparently they spawn in each zone. There's "Eochai" which, when defeated, will create a 10% change a "Jack-of-irons" will spawn. Naturally, there's plenty of badges involved in the festivities, from defeating Jack to defeating certain counts of the "trick" monster spawns.

--- Psi-Caster does the Manticore Task Force ---

While I was running about knocking on doors in Founder's Falls with Psi-Caster, I saw the call go out to join the Manticore task force. I did so, and what followed was a relatively quick task force (I believe it took less than 4 hours) in which I gained about a full level. Psi-Caster is now level 33.

The plot of the Manticore task force is pretty shallow: Crey is up to no good in conducting illegal research, so your heroes are trying to prove it. Eventually this leads to a fight with Countess Crey's bodyguard, but the good countess herself apparently wasn't interested.

--- Alt-A-Holicism Rages ---

Some ideas were formed today in regards to the Psi-Caster (Controller) versus Nanites (Scrapper) debate.

1) Phantasm, after being imbued with three Single Origin damage enhancers, does reasonable damage, but nothing near a Scrapper.
2) Scrappers are specialized archetypes whose purpose is to take down bosses nice and quick, so it's not really fair to think that anybody (other than perhaps a Blaster) is going to take down foes as quickly as them.
3) Initially, the plan was to get a level 50 Hero, then play a Villain until Issue 8 is released, then start a Kheldian. This was because Issue 8, once released, will have a number of features I'll want to play with using a brand new hero. Now, I'm thinking I'll start a Blaster in the event I don't have a Kheldian unlocked by then.

These are all pretty solid points, in my overopinionated opinionation, but none of them scream at me, "Well then, it's clear that the right hero for you to play is __________!" If I haven't been blugeoned by such a realization in the week I've been on edge about it, it's probably never going to come.

I might be pretty close to burning out from City of Heroes. Again. When I've been writhing in protracted mental deadlock about which hero I wanna play this shouldn't surprise me. It's possible that my sticking with one or the other is all I'd need to get back into the groove. If not, it may be time for a break.
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