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Adventures in Telon Prehistory

I've been playing the Vanguard beta over the last couple of days. You may have heard that it is a buggy game that is slated for a January 30th release date, just 16-17 days away. If so, you heard right. However, Vanguard's the kind of game you want to like anyway, a common comment being, "Vanguard would be cool, if..."

If there's any one feature of Vanguard I can point out as being truly compelling, it would be the sheer epic scope of the world. This game's got soul. Yet, regardless of my conviction this is the case, this isn't a perception I can force on other players. Indeed, it wouldn't be right for me to do so. Like fine art appreciation, whether or not a significant meaning is found in the work is up to the individual.

My adventures in the Vanguard beta have been with Makkor Hin, Kojani Disciple. Why a Kojani? I like Eastern stuff. Why a Disciple? I like Eastern stuff. Okay, and the Disciple is kinda cool in how he has good manipulation capacity of all his various power bars yet has monkish abilities like safe fall and martial arts fighting.

Makkor's life started in an interesting scenario that I hate to ruin but, suffice to say, he soon found himself naked on a beach. There, he was introduced the ways of "Jin", which is apparently a big mysterious spiritual force of good and bad. As his Jin-related adventures continued, it soon became clear that there was more to the world of Telon than a small refuge village on a beach.

The City of Tanvu was a great find for Makkor. Here, at last, were the merchants willing to take all sorts of despoiled monster viscera previously soiling Makkor's pack and exchange them for shiny coppers. It was here he also discovered the ways of harvesting, crafting, and diplomacy. The later was particularly interesting, a card game of social graces.

Regretfully returning to adventuring life, Makkor found that the quests given to him were ranging further and further afield. It fell to him to explore great tracts of land to locate both his quest givers and his quarry. He didn't mind so much, as the land surrounding Tanvu was quite picturesque and full of adventure. In time, he's met a few friends who could use the services of a disciple, banding together and overcoming foes he himself could not fight.

Now a Disciple of the 10th level, Makkor is capable of standing tall himself against some pretty formidable odds. This, for now, is where my Vanguard story ends.


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