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A difficulty of perspective

I've learned to loathe when somebody asks what is the "best" game (though it happens). The inherent problem with the question being posed is that I have no idea what the other person would really regard as "best". The most I can do when confronted with such a question is stammer, "Best in what way?" Yet, it doesn't matter how well you explain it, I can't pick your brain and see the preconceived notions living there that will color your opinion towards a given game. You, yourself, may not definitively know what you mean by "best".

Enter: the "jaded" MMORPG player. The jaded player has built a preconceived notion that MMORPGs suck, probably because he or she has played one until they were sick of it. Something inside of them tells them they still like MMORPGs, and that works so far as to purchase one when it comes out. Yet, should this new MMORPG fail to amuse them absolutely immediately, it has failed them. They don't trust it to deliver the entertainment when the time is right any more than they would trust anything that has once harmed them.

What the jaded gamer does not realize is a game cannot directly infuse neither harm nor entertainment. Entertainment is a function of the mind, not the tangible. You can't buy joy in a can. All it takes is an alteration of one's own preconceived notions to ruin a game. EverQuest's capacity to produce fun didn't change: they did. Embracing being jaded is locking one's own power of perception in an pessimistic direction. Reality exists in the absence of optimism and pessimism, in bare non-judgmental observation.

This, of course, is going to strike some people are heresy. Many people live by their preconceived notions. The world is a scary place without the illusion of security they bring. Why give that up?

What can I say? To bridge the gap from modern to postmodern thinking. I've heard very good arguments that if you're paying full attention, instead preoccupied with your mental bric-a-brac, you're simply not living.

I know without a doubt that the truly jaded are no longer able to play a MMORPG as itself because they believe themselves above seeing it for what it is. They are no longer able to live in that regard. It's not that I don't get the joke. I just don't see wanton ignorance as a joking matter.

However, I should have left that behind. That bridge is burnt, and all I'm doing here is a parting gift (or perhaps a parting shot) identifying the illness that drove me away. It's really up to the patients themselves to foster mindfulness all on their own, such has always been the way, and it's not easy. I should know, as I'm not entirely cured myself (as my recent lack of reasoned conduct can confirm). What little progress I have made, however, was enough to move me from the jaded to someone who lives a little more often. It's not a bad place to be.


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