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Imitation Envy

Briefly hanging out on the official Elder Scrolls boards, I discovered that there seemed to be a popular Elder Scrolls oblivion mod known as OOO. A little poking around revealed Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. Thus, I was confronted with the alternate dimension me, somebody who actually had the willpower to make this thing happen.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul v1.3 Trailer.

Oscuro, like myself, realized that Elder Scrolls Oblivion was fair game on its own but sorely lacking in polish in several places. So he's been doing just that. There's certain parts where I'd disagree with, but those are outnumbered by the sheer improvements he's made.

Good for Oscuro. Yet, I find myself a tad resentful because of three things:

1) This mod is is quite incompatible with mine because it changes many of the same objects.

2) It started out a mod that he was developing, but he's actually integrated the features of about 75 mods made by other players. (It's hardly fair there's still Oscuro in the name, really.) It's now a Tyrannosaurus Rex of Oblivion Mod-kind, over 400 megabytes in size.

3) It's an extremely popular mod. Over 100k downloads, and that was just on one site.

Combined, it seems I've been locked out being a popular Oblivion plugin maker. You'd be silly to pass up the features on Oscuro's mod, thus it's very popular, but since my plugins are incompatible that's more or less killed my opportunity. I've tried creating a plugin that can be used in conjunction, but this generated error messages suggesting I need additional data files I lack. My source of angst is not entirely fueled by a desire to prove myself an adept modder, only to discover somebody else beat me to the punch. Rather, I sort of enjoyed being able to go into the game and make changes of things I disagree with. Now, it's either that or turn down this totally kick ass mod.

I've only my own laziness to blame, really, he was able to put a lot more focus into developing Oblivion mods than I was. As a consolation prize, at least I don't have to invest the effort anymore.

In other news, thanks to this guy, I've now some working expandable post code. Javascript, is there any html limitations it can't patch around?
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