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Lost Time: Spring Break 2007

Though I've still a Saturday and Sunday ahead of me (this is a 2am post) Spring Break is pretty much over. Where did all the time go since the last Blog entry? Lets see if I can figure it out.

Wednesday was a hectic day. A family emergency woke me up early and had me out of the house until about 4pm. During the time I was out, I purchased Jade Empire: Special Edition for the PC. No sign of Warioware Twisted or Parappa the Rapper 2. There was Gitaroo Man, but they wanted $40 for it, used and in poor condition. Sick.

Jade Empire: Special Edition turned out to be a sweet and sour purchase. It has high production values, a well-told story, and a relatively unique Eastern setting I enjoy (being a bit of a Zen admirer... if a poor adherent). However, there seems to be a mysterious issue with a small subsection of ATI users where the combat will slow down to a crawl after a battle or two.

Clearly, there's some kind of process not being closed properly, as I can clear it up temporarly by changing the refresh rate through the in-game control panel, but their tech support is completely unprepared to admit fault. Having done tech support before, I've been humoring their suggestions, but all the rigmarole they've put me through has proven futile.

Um Jammer Lammy, a blast from 1999. No, I wasn't the one that did this YouTube video. Not only am I not that good, but this stage is corrupted on my disc.

I've continued to play Jade Empire over the past three days, and Thursday was largely split between that and Um Jammer Lammy. This PS1 game arrived arrived on Thursday and was everything I could want in a Parappa the Rappa game (even if a 1999 game is a bit dated) but unfortunately the disc was damaged. The last stage of the game weathered the damage the worse, being unplayable. That was a sad development because (as this YouTube video can testify) it's a pretty great stage. Still, I loved the bit I could play.

In the early AM and late PM of Friday I played Supreme Commander over the LAN with my brother, coop versus the supreme AI. There were some initial sync issues but, after discovering that players using air transports was at fault, the problem resolved itself. Here's hoping that gets patched.

Friday was perhaps the most mysteriously disappearing day of the time between now and the last Blog entry. A nasty fatigue, likely caused by lack of sleep and a poor breakfast, overtook most of the day. Aside from Supreme Commander, I played a little Jade Empire (putting a sizable dent into chapter 3), and probably spent over an hour juggling drivers to satisfy the whims of the Jade Empire tech support department.

Well, having taken stock of how I spent the last three days, I'm still not terribly satisfied with the result. Jade Empire and Supreme Commander both were a bit of a mistake, I think. Both games are time eaters - they subtly lull the mind in such a way that they don't create a definitive experience, but are fun enough to play that I will. It's partly my fault for having grokked them so easily, but it's still a problem: I want my 72 hours back.

Oh well, it's not like I stop living when school starts up again. I'd like to finish Jade Empire, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the Supreme Commander campaigns, the Tenchi Muyo GXP series, and get a level 50 City of Heroes character before vacation is over, but there's simply not enough time. It seems I'll have a lot of entertaining pursuits to keep me occupied after Spring Break is over. (That's not considering Geneforge, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Rogue Galaxy.)


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