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The City of Heroes Archetype Balance

My most recent City of Heroes discovery that I'm adding to this Blog is in regard to class balance. I used to think that Tankers, Defenders, and Controllers did poor damage while Scrappers and Blasters did good damage. The actual balance is more like this...

ArchetypeOffensive PowerDefensive Power
BlasterHighest, thanks in part to ease of applicationWeakest, but varies: Some sets have more mitigation and control than others.
ScrapperBlaster + 5-15% chance for double damage. Would be highest, but difficult to apply.Self-Sufficient, about 25-75% of Tanker depending on situation and powers used.
DefenderApprox 66% of Blaster and equally easy to apply, further enhanced by debuffs/buffs that can also benefit others.Powerful damage mitigation, but often focused on only benefiting others.
TankApprox 66% of Blaster, but as difficult to apply as a Scrapper's.Deliberately focused to bring aggro to them and live, but not immortal.
ControllerVery weak, even with pets and "containment" (double damage) maybe 25-50% of Blaster. (Kinetics set may be an exception with Fulcrum Shift.)Neigh unkillable due to extreme control.
KheldianSpecial: Multiple FormsSpecial: Multiple Forms

As you can see, City of Heroes is a much more complicated game than you might expect. However, this is a great reference table as to what, in general, each archetype is capable of. Having learned that only my Controller is forced to slowly slog through the game with pathetic damage, I moved on to Scrappers and Blasters to seek a better way. Now, I've learned that Defenders and Tanks are not to shabby either.

So, I took a Trick Arrow/Archery Defender and learned that he's a lot of fun because he's challenging. Simultaneously, however, I learned that I could technically play any character and have fun so long as I continue to challenge myself. I just finished getting him to level 26 to try out the Oil Slick, which can be ignited to do pretty good damage. It's not bad, it looks like it can defeat minions with a little enhancing, maybe even lieutenants with a lot of enhancing. However, it looks like I'm bored of him once again.

If getting to 50 is the goal, maybe I should just pick a character that can do it quickly. A Scrapper would be a good choice due to their incredible self-sufficiency, but may not be very challenging. A Blaster would be a good choice due to high rate of damage (thus fast XP) and is a little more challenging. Whatever I pick, thanks to my various alting around over the past few weeks, I think I'll be able to go that direction without bothering to start over a new character. I've already got a Sonic/Fire Blaster who should have soloing potential and nasty damage capacity, as well as a Claws/Regeneration Scrapper who has the extreme speed angle covered. By alternating between the two, I should have no difficulty reaching 50.


I'm readin' -- keep writin'! (I know it can be frustraiting, though!)
Good to hear, thanks :)
Grimwell said…
You should write about my game. Then I'd have lots to say. It's the Best Game Ever!!!

Just kidding. Don't give up hope man. I kept going to your other blog that is much harder for the general public to view. So I missed these last posts. I know... someone will tell me I should use RSS and they are right... but I like good old fashioned web surfing more.

Stick to your guns bro.
Heh, I sometimes wonder what you think about my XFire Profile clocking in major hours in City of Heroes.

Well, if I ever do get level 50 in City of Heroes (or bore of it first) EverQuest 2 is next!

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