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Seeking Direction in a Rambling Journey

At three business days after they shipped, my GameFly games still haven't arrived. Perhaps they'll be here in another couple hours, perhaps tomorrow, but in the meanwhile: I'm bored. Maybe I should start doing my homework. Nah. Instead, I'm going to address a matter that has been bothering me a bit about this Blog, and that's I have no direction here.

"A rambling journey of present-day pixelated delights from a two decade computer game addict" is about as far as I can confirm.

Am I "attempting to find the diamonds in the rough of an industry made up of far too many imitators"? Well, if you interpret that was me playing a lot of games, even non-mainstream games, then the answer is no. I would love something new, and I keep my eye out for them, but I do not perform extensive research along these lines. I do end up playing the occasional weird gem (UFO: Aftershock, Odin Sphere) but this is just because a distinguished (and rather desperate) gamer is attracted to these things that evade the typical clone-fest, and not due to deliberate planning on my part.

Looking at the previous entries of this Blog, it's clear that for the most part I seem to be trying to find value in existing games. This is because I realize that, to an extent, unique and interesting gameplay is in the eye of the beholder. Most of my going on, and on, and on about City of Heroes alt-a-holicism is the very core of that: Is there a perspective that can make this game interesting? That I actually managed to get a character to level 50 a few weeks ago in City of Heroes, a game I was whining about a year ago on this Blog alone, indicates that maybe there is. If that doesn't strike you as fascinating, maybe you've missed the point: For the dispossessed gamer, it's like I turned lead into gold.

The origins of this Blog don't offer much answers. I started "Digitally Staving Off Boredom" because my first Blog was a mixture of my personal life and my gaming and I decided that it would be better to keep those things separate. That was a goal, to spare the people the boredom of my personal life and to provide something my fellow gaming peers can read without becoming embarrassed, but it was not a primary goal.

I recently changed my Blog description to "trying to find something that can actually entertain him in game industry made up of far too many imitators" instead. While honest enough that doesn't sit well with me either. So, back to the subject at hand, what exactly what is my goal here, anyway?

I guess, when you get right down to it, I write here just to write. It's a bit of easily accessible procrastination that actually produces some product on the net. Maybe nobody would actually buy this product, but it exists, it makes me feel a little more productive than most other things I could be doing. This product is, at least, very organic. It's honest, not prepackaged, not lying to you, this is one man's opinion about the games he plays. What's more, it's free.

So that'll be my new Blog description. If that strikes you as the least bit interesting, read on and enjoy. Currently, I only get a visitor once in a blue moon, but then, I haven't really bandied this Blog around much either. There are ways to bring more traffic. For example, I knew who guy was able to get some Slashdot traffic by submitting himself during slow news days. It's surprisingly easy, even yesterday's BioShock ruminations may be interesting over there on an exceptionally slow news day. However, in the end, I wonder if I should even care about popularity. It never bothered me before.
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