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Unjustified Rants (Pt 3)

I apologize for the state of this blog and my vicious comment reply a couple entries back. I know that my whining about various alt-a-holicism issues of the past might seem like awful reading, and frankly I've considered going back and pruning it entirely. However, when you get right down to it, this is a Blog. It's little more than a reflection of myself, and if I were truly interested in being honest I'd keep the good and the bad here. If this were a syndicated place I were writing, perhaps I'd be a bit more guarded with my tone, but it isn't. This is just me, it's a place I reside on the internet, a mental home away from home (and you can make a fun pun out of that).

But that doesn't really explain the viciousness of my comment or why I would refer to specific denizens of certain Lum The Mad spinoff sites so brutally. The thing is that I've dealt with those people for too long, I've ended up the butt of their barbs and object of their slander, and reacted predictably in such a way as to only dig myself deeper. You'll forgive me if I've grown a bit... disillusioned with them.

I came there because I thought I had found intelligent people who have a certain flair. I eventually came to realize that intelligent people are not brutal. Intelligent people don't prejudge. Intelligent people don't stab each other in the back in order to improve their standing amongst the crowd. These people were savages, they had been conditioned to believe that the idea of the rant was to hate. They became consumed by it. As a result, they lost the capacity to have an open mind, they become a close-knit elitist society that lashes out at the world. To follow such an ideology might make one feel special, but ultimately, all they're doing is making themselves incompatible with rationality. In accepting the idea that elitism is good, that they can solve their problems by pinning it on scapegoats, they shed the capacity to critically think. They were no longer worthy company and I quit them cold turkey.

The trouble with MMORPGs is other people. People have ruined the concept of the game.
The trouble with rants was the other people. The other people have ruined the concept of the rant.

Ranting is only really over because people have lost perspective of what the rant was supposed to be about: Intelligent commentary. The hate was comedy. At most, a slight sympathetic expression of the players' pain after dishing out $50 for the box, several months of subscription, and untold hours invested in the virtual world. However, it was still comedy, because hate achieves nothing but misery in yourself and others. Comedy is a good thing in writing, it gets people to read things that they wouldn't otherwise because they're being entertained. (Yes, I know the cure to this Blog's lack of popularity, I'm just too lazy to bother to apply it most of the time.)

Because this Blog is supposed to be about gaming, I'll mention that I shelled out for Overlord. I don't shell out for too many games these days, a student's income can only go so far, but this one was novel enough to be worth adding to my collection. The only games I've seen that play remotely like it are the Pikimen series and Sacrifice, but Overlord is different enough that those comparisons do not fully justify either game. The plot is interesting enough: Who wouldn't like to play the evil emperor with an army of overly loyal sycophants zealously ready to bully the world into your image? I'll write more about the actual game after I've played it a bit.
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