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Unjustified Rants

A somewhat innocuous Gamespot News Post basically takes a poll of over 11,000 gamers and boils them down into categories.

Now, to an extent, categorization is a lie: Just because you label something as such does not make it so. However, the interesting aspect that I pulled from that article is that the type of gamers who play 40 hours a week make up less than 2% of the gaming population. The other 98% of gamers play 16 hours a week or less. Usually, much less.

Kinda makes you wonder about the viability of the ranter.

When you think about that, the hardcore gamer (or what this article calls the "Heavy Gamer") is a massive minority to the game world. We often grow frustrated about how games seem to be vapid and boring, lacking in depth and breadth, and otherwise lambast the entire gaming industry on developing games which can not or will not satisfy our hardcore gaming appetite. We've ranted about this at length, until our throats and fingers grew red and we finally concluded that all the good rants have been said. It does not seem to have changed much and we often wonder why.

These statistics offer a simple answer: It's not that we're being ignored, it's not that game developers couldn't do better, it's just that the hardcore gamer is an extremely small niche audience.

This is sort of depressing: My fix is being delayed by the status quo. Every little whining douche who says that "deep games bore me" (and I've seen one just today on a forum) is the reason for my delayed gratification.

However, perhaps I should rejoice. I can think of two good reasons why:
  1. Because up to 98% of games may be created for gamers who are considerably less "advanced in their habit" (an interesting way to put it) then that's 98% less games I ever need to worry about buying.

    In other words, acknowledging that my tastes place me at a considerable minority that game developers would target is freedom from believing there's that many games out there that would interest me. It's not from lack of looking, I'm not losing my touch, there really are not that many diamonds in the rough.
  2. I'm unique in that only one in fifty other gamers may have as advanced understanding of gaming as I do.

    I think that, in the long run, everybody who enjoys gaming is fated to eventually develop the same tastes as the Heavy Gamer even if they only play games for 16 hours a week or less. This is because, sooner or later, they're bound to exhaust themselves on the typical clones and be hungering for something new and interesting. The Heavy Gamer is already there, s/he's been there for months, years, or decades. They know where the industry will go because they live on the bleeding edge.
However, for the time being, I'm simply invested in a continual hunt for something - anything - that can whet my voracious appetite. To an extent, that's what this Blog has been about all along, one Heavy Gamer's attempt to do just that. Frankly, at times like this, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to start developing indy games on my own. However, that's a lot of work.

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