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BioShock XBox 360 Demo Impressions

Bottom line: Extremely atmospheric. Seriously, few other FPS even come close to sucking you in like BioShock does. It's not just the great art-deco appearance to everything but also the sound that makes it come alive. Very nice. The demo was so much fun that the half hour it took me to crawl through it went like lightning.

Aside from that, some other things that struck me:
  • Very Easy, even on "normal" mode. (Hard mode was locked out for the demo.) The weapons were quite potent and made short work of the splicers. Electrobolting them in the water was so effective it was actually kinda cheap. Although, to the game's credit, I did run out of Eve hypos towards the end, and this should be the easiest part of the game (the beginning) so maybe I'd have trouble in the long haul with all my fancy incinerating and electrobolting.
  • Not that scary. It tries, with all the dramatic chords and stuff, but if you can handle the Cyborg Midwives from System Shock 2, then the splicers and big daddies are comparitively warm and fuzzy. Scariest bit would have to be (reverse text): ".swalc reh htiw pu ti gniraet si recilps eht dna erehpsohtab eht evael uoy erofeb thgir trap ehT" The dialogues of the splicers are half scary, half funny. Personally, I prefer it this way - I play games to play games, not to have the crap scared out of me, so I'm glad.
  • Autotracking with weapons is annoying. Maybe you console guys are used to it, but I'm glad I've preordered the PC version, as I'd hate to have my crosshair stuck on the bad guys through the entire game.
  • The demo sequences seem to be chained together in an awfully linear fashion of scripted scene after scripted scene. I suppose that's reasonable enough because it's an introductory sequence. However, if the whole game was like this, I'd feel like it was holding my hand the whole time. I'm used to MMORPGs: cut me loose.
  • Had I designed the demo, I'd have taken care to include at lest one vending machines and gene bank. It feels like a major part of the game is missing without seeing where your collected Adam and dollars go.

But, those observations aside, the demo left me with the impression that BioShock should be an awesome game and I'm glad I've preordered it. The absolute coolest part of the demo for me would have to be (text reversed) ".ogol erutpaR eht htiw tsub tnaig siht ees dna pu kool uoy ,no emoc sthgil eht dna esuohthgil eht retne tsrif uoy nehW"
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