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Weekend of Gaming and Other Decadence

This is a weekend in which I was supposed to get some homework done. However, like many weekends these days, it seems my procrastination has my willpower by a stranglehold. So what have I been doing instead? Fun stuff.

GameFly has proven itself an incredible asset to me with just one game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I wrote up a fairly glowing review on it. Having finished it on Thursday, I sent it back on Friday and hope to get the sequel by mid-next week.

Mario Party 8 was the other game I rented and, while it has its charm as a party game, it really isn't suited to the solo gamer looking for something compelling. Far too much success or failure in Mario Party 8 depends on the roll of the dice, and it's now sealed up and ready to be sent back to GameFly.

On the PC gaming front, I was involved with two betas and one bad habit this weekend.

The two betas were Hellgate: London and Fury Unleashed. Hellgate is relatively awesome but I can't go into it further as it's still under NDA. I can't give a good impression of Fury Unleashed because they only put up one server, which was was too loaded down for me to get to the meat of the game. However, the physics felt very good, like "Jedi Knight II lightsaber fighting" good. It looks like Fury Unleashed going to be a Guild Wars-like game with a more arcade feel, less grind, and more PvP.

The bad habit was City of Heroes, the fun game I've already played to death. I've wasted far too many hours this weekend poking around its forums. Not only because I'm largely done with the game but also because the forums, like most long-established Internet forums, are filled with bitter people ineffectually trying to make or prevent the wrong changes.

The height of my sloth took its toll yesterday evening and persisted into the wee hours of the morning. Fueled by a Little Caesars Pizza and Diet Pepsi overdose, my overclocked brain somehow wandered upon the knowledge that VeohTV, a YouTube spoof, had a few full length episodes of a risque anime series I was curious about but would have never bought. That got me wondering what other rare treasures people had uploaded for public viewing. Suffice to say, the rest of the day was shot.

In other news:
  • McAfee, makers of perhaps the prolific antivirus software second only to Norton, have released a patch last week that seems to be preventing a whole lot of people (including me) from downloading their email. Outlook Express, Eudora, and Thunderbird seem to be among the list of affected clients. So it sounds like, if you've got McAfee, you can't download your email this weekend. Considering they've been slow to fix this somewhat important thing, I've switched back to AVG.

  • The Battlecruiser 3000 AD boards, which I have not been on in a long time, are emailing me that they're new and improved. What, did they ban Derek Smart?
Thank you, you've been a great crowd, be sure to tip the server.
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