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The Cake and Cabal Online

Somehow, a chronic alt-a-holic like me has managed a level 38 Wizard in Cabal Online, less than 2 weeks after the the open beta had begun (Feb 1st). I've also a level 32 Force Blader. The game loves alts, right down to giving the players 6 character slots per server (the same number as there are classes) and a the shared warehouse to distribute gear between them.

A full quest list: the adventurer's job is never done.

The grind seems fast. By level 50, one gains the "battle mode 2" that fairly defines their class, and I don't have that much further to go. However, there's actually over 160 levels in Cabal Online. There might be a "soft level limit" meaning there is no actual maximum level.

The skill rank takes awhile. Using sword skills and magic skills leads to new skill ranks, the only way to get your hands on upgraded versions of your bread-and-butter abilities. My level 36 Wizard, a speciaized caster, is a "regular" in Magic: 2 ranks achieved, 7 ranks to go before he's "maxed" in that regard. My Force Blader, the generalist, is only about 1 1/2 ranks gained for both Sword and Magic.

I really can't tolerate grinds. That my kill quests have grown from "kill 5" to "kill 60" makes little difference because I still enjoy the fighting. However, if it ever came down to me being miserably bored, I'd just as well stop playing. Grinding to find the fun doesn't work in MMORPGs or any other game: the cake is a lie.

In that event, OGPlanet would have little reason to care about my departure -- the Venus server is 15 channels nearly packed to capacity at 2pm PST. It seems they've really grabbed a formidable chunk of the free to play crowd.


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