CoH Binge: Fun > Functionality

Just when I think I'm out, it fishes me back in again: I had another major City of Heroes' binge over the weekend. It's been said before that a MMORPG character needs to be both fun and functional. However, this weekend I decided to prioritize the fun. The result was a renewed interest in the game.

My "prioritize the fun over functionality" character ended up being a Kinetic/Energy Blast Defender. The fun part about Kinetic heroes is that they pretty much double the speed of the entire team operates while increasing their damage by as much as 400%. I wouldn't have chosen Kinetics with a greater functionality-based priority because it has very little in the way of active damage mitigation, making it a strangely offensive choice for the Defender archetype. As for the Energy Blast Secondary, in my evaluation it's genuinely inferior to Sonic Blast, but it looks prettier and the random chance of knocking things down is fun.

Somebody else's video that shows off lovely FX of a Kinetic/Energy Defender. (I think I play faster and more efficiently than this player -- maybe I should make my own video?)

Aside from that, I wish I had more to say about gaming lately that has not already been said. The PC game industry is still in a major slump, and I haven't really played much in the way of console games lately.

Frankly, it's enough to make me question my identity as a gamer. Actually, what's happening is that these days I'm more into thinking games but I really don't have the time to become committed to any more games than I'm already playing. Egad, I've become an adult. That said, I am waiting in eager anticipation for Apollo Justice to arrive in the mail, curious if this Phoenix Wright successor will prove as addicting as the first series.


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