Dancing the Knuckle Macarena

A deliberately misleading title about how my exploits in Cabal Online forge forward with reckless abandon. Herein, I levy sideways blame in brain atrophy from other MMORPGs' play for making it hard for me to combo over 12 attacks and look forward to City of Heroes' approaching double experience weekend ever-increasing apathy.

To give the in-game Jukebox something to chew on, I've taken Dark Side of Phobos to .ogg format. As 24 free Doom parody tracks of hard-hitting guitar and techno, it's a surprisingly good mesh for Cabal Online, but I need more. I'm thinking I might use Pandora (thanks once again for recommending that, Grimwell) to track down some good artists and then use the "buy from Amazon/iTunes" link.

For the time being, I've settled on the incredible power of the Wizard for my choice in Cabal Online poison. The difficulty of comboing targets that die so fast may drive me elsewhere in time.

I'm still mostly playing Cabal Online simply for the love of the combo system, and was disappointed to discover that the Battle Auras (granted at level 20) don't allow combos while active (at least until level 100 - not very reassuring). Given the reason I'm there in the first place, I've opted not to use Battle Auras except in emergencies.

Given ample targets (the trick is to switch at the beginning of the animation) I'm able to fairly consistently get up to 10-12 combo attacks. The timing after the 12th combo attack is hard. I'm not sure if age is responsible for my weak manual dexterity, but I'm willing to blame years of less demanding MMORPGs play if you are. It seems no force other than raw brain plasticity will make me a better comboer, but I'm enjoying the challenge nonetheless.

City of Heroes' Double Experience Weekend looms immediately ahead, and I've still no real concept what I'll play with it. I've half a mind to say, "screw it" and spend the weekend (of all things) studying. Apparently, the permanent experience boost will occur before Valentine's Day anyway (that's Thursday next week, gents).


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