An Only Vaguely Interesting Weekend Recap

Well, that wasn't a very productive weekend. Sometimes, no matter how much I think I should get something done, the fundamental problem remains that I really don't want to, on some kind of vital subconscious level. So, instead, I spent the weekend doing these things:

1) I finally bored of Cabal Online. I've long known that, in every game, there's a certain limit of how much entertainment you can get out of a given gameplay mechanic. That time, it seems, has come for Cabal Online's combo system. I've found that, at level 40, I just can't enjoy the game anymore -- too much repetitive quest grind, too little game. Maybe I would have been interested in it a little longer if the Auras and Battle Modes, essentially powerful emergency buffs, did not prevent comboing. Besides, the combat balance is disappointingly trivial, with the mobs you are assigned to kill via quests needing to gang up on you by as much as 10 to 1 to be a threat.

2) I was granted the opportunity to see the entire Nagasarete Airantou series. It's one of those "harem comedy" animes, this one quite literally being a story involving washing up on an island full of women. Despite the lusty premise, it's actually pretty innocent, humorous, and (above-all) thoroughly endearing. I have to say, it's amongst the best anime I've ever seen, and I've seen Miyazaki's stuff. It's not yet for sale (or even licensed for sale) in the U.S. but I enjoyed it so much that I might well purchase it when (and if) it is.

Then there was various RL things involving eating out, shopping for a new vacuum cleaner (I'm irrationally optimistic in regards to Dyson brand) and the family coming over to visit. Suffice to say, my motivation may have had sufficient excuse to be so fleeting. Meh - I've about 5 free hours tomorrow, I might be able to hack something together.


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