Three Bits

True to their promise to do it before Valentines, a patch has rolled on City of Heroes that made the increased experience amounts off mobs available. Testing it a bit last night, it seems to be a pretty generous portion, in some cases by over double, but it depends on what level you're at.

The patch includes a statistic tracker function that gives you a very accurate readout of what part of your character is enhanced in what way, excellent for determining what your set enhancements are doing and seeing when you've hit a cap somewhere. This is an interesting innovation in that it's taken the stance that players should understand what everything about their character does where many RPGs feel that this distracts from the immersion and so deliberately keep the players in the dark.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that Mass Effect is coming to PC. Definately something for PC users to look forward to. I already finished the game on the XBox 360, but it'd fish me in if they include lots of new content for the PC release. (How about a scenario builder, Bioware?)


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