Somebody Else's Secret of Success

Apparently I haven't had much worth saying lately. But then, a healthy blogger doesn't care much when nobody's dropping a comment: they write because they enjoy what they're writing about, no?

Now that's quality PhotoShop-age.

Funny enough, my Digital Diversity class this morning had an interesting anonymous interview (via Second Life) with the Blogger who writes Jesus' General, once one of the top 20 Blogs on the Internet. One of the questions he answered for us is what a Blogger needs to be successful:
  1. Luck.
  2. I agree, simply getting noticed on the Internet needs a lot of this. As world human population increases exponentially, so also do the number of Blogs, you'll have a lot harder time getting noticed now versus 10 years ago.
  3. Good Writing.
  4. Or, as I like to put it, "Once you get the people to try the game, they have to like it to keep playing it." He's talking content, the meaty hook that the people keep coming back for.
  5. The Niche.
  6. Jesus' General knows his politics and voices tongue-in-cheek conservatism that is radically liberal. I can't say I have that kind of political background, my best field of knowledge is computer gaming... to such a fanatic-like degree that my audience is much smaller than the much more common casual gamer.
So, that's interesting stuff. If you're lucky, can write well, and can literately create the better mouse trap, you too can be a blogging superstar.

Looking now at the top 10 blogs (according to it seems 3 out of 5 are about gadgets or technology in general. Of the remaining two, one is about politics, the other about everything remotely wonderful in the world. (Technorati's list is updated in fairly real time, so the order may be different by the time you click it.)

Meanwhile, I canceled my City of Heroes subscription, partly because I need a break, but also because the upcoming "Powerset Proliferation" makes alting with the current powerset selection fruitless. Alting is essentially all I do! With a month of access left, the cancellation makes sense for me: it'll only take me about 30-50 hours to get my lvl 40 Mastermind to 50, unlocking access to the Epic Villain Archetypes that will be out when Issue 12's release comes in (I estimate) 2-3 months.


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