Weak Off

Huzzah, it's Spring Break for me. "Confidentially," I wrote on my public Blog, "I don't particularly feel up to it." I need work more than play right now, this whole "full time student shtick" was a bad idea: I'm mostly getting better at being a slacker. As of late, I've been feeling too tired to even pass the time. Pathetic. Maybe it's time to find a job.

I made this as a Adobe After Effects assignment. It mostly sucks, I look forward to much one-starring from the 5 people who view it, but hey, it's 100% my content.

On the upshot, should I muster sufficient motivation, I'm not without some very good means to pass the time:
  • City of Heroes is kinda putting me to sleep right now. I've been mucking around with Controllers, who are extremely influential but have such a slow rate of damage that it's pretty boring.
  • Turbine is offering Dungeons and Dragons: Stormreach ex-customers in good standing a week of free access as well as a $9.99/mo subscription plan.
  • Having dabbled a bit with DDO, it still seems to be totally lacking a "hook," or compelling reason to play. However, it's too early to say. Sometimes, the hook needs to be found, and so I need to get deeper into it to get a good impression.
  • GameTap surprised me with a few prominent windows titles that I once played the demos of and vowed to buy them if I ever found them in a bargain bin: Scrapland, Shadowgrounds, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and (soon) Darkstar One. Overall, I've marked 110 games on my "should try" list, many of them being golden oldies (such as Wonder Boy in Monster World).
  • Finally, thanks to GameFly, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice is unlikely to leave the weekend unfinished. Aside from a certain segment involving an interactive video tape, it's finally managed to meet a lot of the technical achievements that were in the bonus episode from the first game. The new characters are likable enough, I suppose, but the way the old ones were pushed to the side seems a tad unnecessary to me.
It's sort of a pity I have to spend two days without digital technology as a homework assignment. I might spend those days finishing the Harry Potter series off. Though most of the plot points have already been ruined for me, I am curious how Rowling's little success story plays out on paper.


mw said…
Have you tried the new God of War or Patapon for PSP? Those two are worth checking out. I'm glad I didn't sell the system on ebay. Good games are finally hitting the shelves and I can take out Lumines for the first time since... well, forever.

Sins of a Solar Empire is addicting too (for PC).
My brother actually bought Sins of the Solar Empire, I should probably try installing his copy. As for the PSP titles, I never picked up that platform. I do like what they've done with the multimedia in Patapon, as should probably be expected from the same outfit behind LocoRoco.

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