Digital Senioritus

The school semester is coming to a crashing halt, but my motivation to get much done had been lost to senioritus before the semester even begun. Last semester, the only time I could get anything done was the very last moment. This semester, I seem to be trying to get things done after the very last moment, and that just doesn't work. No matter how much mental browbeating and depressing logic I layer on myself, I've manifested an astounding mental block to get much done.

Considering how susceptible I've come to distraction, I really shouldn't be playing anything massively multiplayer right now. Thus, I've opted to largely stay logged out of EVE Online while my Learning skill slowly grinds away to complete rank V in a matter of days.

Video Caption: 2020 Super Baseball -- I'll get to that.

This approach hasn't entirely worked. Monday's entry is most assuredly a bad sign: It's about the point where you're pontificating a classical perspective of poorly drawn polygon twat that you know you've reached rock bottom. Yesterday, via GameTap, I played 2020 Super Baseball, Streets of Rage, Star Jacker, Joust, Armourdillo, Crossed Swords, Nam-1975, and Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 3. Though I was still procrastinating, it was at least a great improvement from Hot Dog King in the quality of time spent.

Though the games I played yesterday were all old games, I'd say that the NeoGeo titles (2020 Super Baseball, Crossed Swords, and Nam-1975) struck me as the most entertaining. The artistic talent, in more ways than just graphical, were well demonstrated in those titles. 2020 Super Baseball in particular was a pretty solid game, reminding me more of the arcade classic, Cyberball, than I initially suspected.

Today, I'll try to finally get around to opening my Gamefly subscription rental of Zack and Wiki which has sat for weeks on my desk. I suppose that, technically, there is still time to work on my projects I'm submitting a week or (in cases) two from now. As a full time student, I've really had an excess of time on my hands, really.


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