What do space jockeys do for fun?

Well, it's official, my EVE Online account is now a paid subscription. Yet, immediately after doing so, it seems that tedium is setting in. Met up with a friend of mine in game, we shot at asteroids with mining beams, and it seems to me that we were both wondering what we got ourselves into.

Maybe I am getting bored but, in an open-ended game such as this, that's mostly my fault. I'm still playing it safe, mining asteroids. That's sort of an activity you do half-afk, with just enough attention to monitor your cargo and if you're under attack. I've been able to spend that time browsing the market, calculating optimal ore profit, chatting with people I know, or even watching TV. In short, mining seems to be a "down-time" activity. Enjoyable, but only on a low level at a peaceful, if plodding, pace.

There are more involving activities in EVE Online, and I'll soon be trying to find them. Mining is only one of many occupations. The most obvious thing to do is start myself on the path to a more exciting EVE Online experience is to start working for agents, the most exciting path probably involving combat missions. (Fun tip: Agents tend to give a bunch of fedex missions - use a shuttle if the item moved is small enough. They're fast, cheap, and just look cool.) I'm thinking I might work towards learning how to do probe launcher exploration. I've read that subspace complexes offer an challenging adventure.

I received a comment from a Pádraic Brady, that I thought I'd throw a shout out to because he has an excellent EVE Blog. Thanks for stopping by, Maugrim!


CrazyKinux said…
Mining for the sake of mining can be quite boring indeed. Instead of going afk half the time, research the markets to spot trends, subscribe to market channels and ask around what the price of ore and minerals are in close by regions.

How you spend you time while mining is all up to you!

Also, check out Crazykinux's Musing for great EVE Online guides and The Drone Bay podcast for loads of information on EVE, for noobs and vets alike!

Fly safe, or die trying!


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