Random Adventures In Massively Multiplayer Space

Having caught up in my course load a bit, I turned my attention to finding some activities in EVE Online more engaging than mining. Actually, I started off by doing a few agent missions and pretty much stayed there. I even ended up saying up until 2am to finish off one mission chain because it sent dozens ships after me across four pockets and it took me awhile to get all those wrecks salvaged.

Performing missions can be quite profitable, if random. It mostly depends on what I find when salvaging, which randomly produces components that are used to build "rigs." Some of these components are worth tens or hundreds of thousands of ISK, other components only a few hundred. There's other gear, such as powerful guns, that may be recovered when looting the cargo holds.

Combat missions (if you're lucky enough to get them) offer a lot of rats (NPC pirates) to shoot up, but the difficulty is oddly random. My first mission chain was tough, forcing my new Cruiser to retreat several times. After that, it's been a cakewalk. I'm not sure what mission difficulty is based on, other than my understanding that the agent's "rating" determines how lucrative of a mission I might be offered.

I'd like to give another shout out to Crazykinux, who commented with some links to his guide site and The Drone Bay podcasts, both excellent resources for starting players (such as myself).


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