EVE Musings: Drone/Ewar?

The school semester is still wrapping up and yet, for some odd reason, I've motivation enough to write up an entry so late at night it's more early tomorrow morning.

I've been playing a little bit of EVE Online. My current plan is to continue to master my Learning skills while I'm offline. However, while I'm online, I think I'll work my character into a combination Drone (pets) and Electronic Warfare (debuffs) character. The strategy is to make the drones do all the work while I standoff and support, reducing the foes' capacity to fight substantially. Whether this actually provides me some kind of advantage over your average cannon-specced tank is yet to be determined.

When I'm actually in the game, I find myself drawn back to mining in mid to high security sectors instead of doing missions. It's just more relaxing to mine rocks, yet still slightly suspenseful as I must watch for NPC ships and the occasional kamikaze player.

Still, it's discouraging. I feel myself somewhat disconnected from this game. EVE Online always was sort of an armchair commander game, it's not a visceral action game like Age of Conan or City of Heroes. It's the sort of game you have to really appreciate the power of spreadsheets to enjoy. I love the depth of the overall universe, but I find the actual aspect of whatever I'm doing right in front of me to be rather shallow. That might be why I was thinking of doing this Drone/Ewar character - it's a lot busier than the typical lock-on and fire ritual.


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