Age of Conan: Day 1

After a four hour delay, Age of Conan finally opened to the early access players.

Therein, I rapidly discovered that there was actually a reasonably improved client awaiting. It was mostly the content aspects - the many game-stopping bugs that had manifested during beta in Tortage were solved. They did manage to solve the issues with stuttering and long loading times in the client, it still suffers from a minor leak that degrades performance over the period of an hour or two. (Though, I'm using ancient hardware that has about a fourth of the framerate the average system should be getting these days, so the leak bothers me more than most.)

Nonetheless, even short on sleep as I was due to anticipation of the game, I had fun. At the urging the guild, I stated with a Demonologist. However, by about 3 hours and level 10, I was not very satisfied. I really missed the up close and personal hack and slash from the Herald of Xotli I favored back in beta. So it is that I played one up to 17. This being on a pvP server, I'll probably be defeated on a regular basis, but it'll be fun regardless.

Now, a day later, it seems the servers are down again for maintenance. Here's hoping they'll be up again at the planned 1pm PST time.


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