Vice City

The inner procrastination drive is still going strong - curbing this tendency is a large reason why I'm looking to get a job this summer. Rather than work exclusively on my animation class work today, I found myself fished in by Vice City. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, that is. Oh well, I've still all day tomorrow to get my animation project together.

As a May 2003 game, GTA: VC is nearly 5 years old. On newer drivers, it seems to have developed a glitch that causes it to crash when changing resolution, but using any third party app to force windowed mode seems to resolve that problem. Yet, even on the 640x480 default, I have to appreciate the style that went into this game.

Of course, the reason I was driven to reinstall it in the first place was due to anticipation for GTA4, which will not only be a graphical and feature upgrade but also a storyline upgrade. Stylish or no, it's hard to sympathize with the characters in Vice City, they're larger than life caricatures whose murderous rampages come across as a sort of a joke. I hear GTA4's story is much more realistic, the main character is actually a guy you can relate to.

So many free MMORPG offers to distract me in the near future. Age of Conan's IGN Open Beta begins 9am today (it's 1am now, I'm hitting the sack a little late). In the last entry, I mentioned how NCSoft's Tabula Rasa is inviting me back to play for free for a limited time. Today, I noticed that SOE's Planetside and Star Wars Galaxies have sent me similar offers. Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online, on the other hand, is flat out offering a reduced subscription plan of $9.99/mo, five dollars a month under the usual price these days.


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