Accepting D20-style Outsourcing

After a day of experimenting with various "Rogue/Sorcerer/Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep" derivatives, I've decided (in so far as an indecisive person can decide things) to just accept Neeshka's place in the party and roll my own character as a straight "Sorcerer/Arcane Scholar." As I mentioned at the end of the last entry, this character should be more interesting when combining spontaneous metamagic conversion with the already higher casts per day.

My thinking is that, rather than consider Neeshka's pure tiefling Rogue status to be a incurable burden on the party's combat abilities, I'll look into making good use of her. She already starts with Weapon Finesse, so I'll advance her as a melee fighter. Normally closed ranged combat is quickly fatal for Neeshka, but my Sorceror/Scholar character's spells should be able to (among other things) boost her armor class while keeping her invisible (even when attacking).

With any luck, this plan will transform Neeska into a hard-to-hit, 50% concealed, constantly sneak attacking juggernaut. I suppose I can spare a spot on the party for that. In a way, it's thinking on the scale of the bigger picture. An individual character that tries to do everything is inferior to two specialists that accentuate eachothers' strengths.


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