My Own Personal Hyborian Clusterfuck

In most situations, if a person is to say they're feeling a bit bored and will need to start an alt on a non-PvP server in order to rekindle their interest, they might be met with kind understanding.

Unfortunately, the friend who hooked me up with the guild had a history of absolutely loathing my tendency to create alts, interpreted my last Blog entry in the worst possible way, told me he was kicking me out of the guild, and started treating me like shit.

I'm not real good at getting treated like shit (if I was, I'd probably get along swimmingly back at F13). Maybe I don't have the self-esteem for it, or maybe it's higher standards, but when a friend starts treating me as an enemy I really start questioning the value of our relationship. In this particular case, the man was a repeat offender: he said he'd stop treating me like shit and he didn't, so that friendship comes across as something significantly less.

It seems I've one less "friend" and a level 50 Herald of Xolti who isn't going to get played. I could, but the guild in question enjoys ganking, and what better target is an ex-member? Perhaps if Funcom offers a character transfer service, I'll move my HoX over and get some more play out of him. So much for my head start.

In the meanwhile, my new Necromancer isn't too shabby. I do miss the nice interplay of melee and magic that the Herald of Xolti has, but the pets keep things interesting. I'm hoping that I can get him up to level 40 and try out spell weaving.


haslo said…
Considering all that you really didn't like about AoC basically came down to either bugs that will eventually be fixed, or social pressure that pushed you into a direction you didn't want to go, I guess this decision is for the best :)

Good luck and have fun in Hyboria!
Yes, you're quite right. It's as though quite a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and now I can enjoy Age of Conan properly.

Moreover, that my long-time acquaintance has revealed his true colors as a manipulative degenerate may prove a boon in the long run.

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