Pride and Prerequisites

There comes a point where a person who engages in a negative activity long enough has to come out and confess that this is what they are, no amount of goading will change that, and they're proud of it. In this case, I'm going to say my non-committal alt-a-holic ways are such an activity: "I like to reroll my RPG characters, and I'm proud."

Lets hold a parade. Meanwhile, I'm noticing a certain tendency towards Neverwinter Nights 2 again.

I've taken my current Sorcerer/Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep to the end of chapter 1. He's a pretty cool character in that he has a smaller selection of spells than a Wizard, but a lot more freedom in how he can use them. He gets more casts per day, freedom to cast whatever he wants so long as he has not used up the circle for that spell, and now new feats let him cast those circles again using the allocation for one to three circles higher.

To extent, I enjoy that, but I notice that my play style doesn't work this way. All I'm really doing is casting the most important buffs, throwing a few dehabilitating spells, than laying into the enemy with my crossbow. The only time I ever bother with my offensive spells is either to facilitate quickly eliminating particularly nasty threats (such as enemy spellcasters) or to soften up a large amount of clumped together foes.

Furthermore, Neeska (the provided tiefling Rogue) is becoming problematic once again. The trouble I had with her before was her combat viability. Now, I find she's actually quite good in combat (at least in an environment of abundant protection spells and stunned/blinded enemies). The trouble now is having to always allocate a spot in the party for her or else the party is defenseless against the common trap or locked door.

My existing Neverwinter Nights 2 problem of choice has proved difficult to solve: I want to disarm traps/open locks. I want to keep the damage mitigation potential I mentioned in the previous entry (only a few select spells are needed). Finally, I'd probably like an effective ranged or melee option for eliminating particularly troublesome foes. I'm really enjoying pondering my options.

Right now, it's looking like I'll probably end up "1 Rogue/All Bard" or a Arcane Trickster (again). However, I think my playstyle would favor a good fighter (better than medium BAB) while still providing good mitigation and disarming traps. Maybe some kind of Eldritch Knight/Rogue twist?


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