Bored Enough To Seek Gainful Employment

Well, I never thought I'd happen, but I'm thoroughly bored of gaming in general. I'm not sure what flipped the switch: Poor showings lately? Excessive stir-craziness? In any case, I've signed up with some temp agencies, who seemed very impressed, and may soon be toiling away as a vigilant hired cog in this great machine we call capitalism. The scary thing is, I think I actually look forward to work more than gaming.

That's not to say I won't enjoy playing games from time to time, of course: Old habits die hard and wanton obsessions even more so. Lately, my blunted gaming appetite has been lightly toying with a family movie game (Wall-E for the PC) and a couple of Mario DS titles (New Super Mario Bros. and March of the Minis).

I recently rated the version of Wall-E for the PC rather well. I liked the movie, the game was cheap ($20 new), and the reviews looked better than the next-gen console version. Upon installing the retail version, I discovered a relatively decent game with a nice feature set. As you can expect from a game based off a G-rated movie, it's mostly geared for kids, but the overall quality is good enough that even adults can get some simple entertainment out of it.

I've both New Super Mario Bros and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 : March of the Minis from GameFly right now. It's not the two games I would have preferred GameFly send me, not only because it's Mario overload but also because my Nintendo DS already had enough going on with The World Ends With You in it.

Nonetheless, they're both pretty solid DS games. New Super Mario Bros is exactly what it says on the tin: another installment of the classic Super Mario Bros series, tweaked with shiny new game features that make good use of the hardware. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is actually quite similar to Lemmings, with a static world and geared for play with a stylus.

Despite the quality of the two DS games, I'm really not interested in either. I've had more than my fill of 2D platformers. March of the Minis holds no appeal to one who has already bored of Lemmings. Besides, neither is really a match for The World Ends With You. My boredom might extend to gaming in general lately but, regardless of the cause, it seems GameFly is going to be getting these games back sooner rather than later.

I guess we'll see how things will turn out. In any event, If I can start pulling down some decent money I might have the money to discuss games that are a little newer. I might even upgrade my PC... assuming my gaming situation improves enough to care. (The only reason I can think of doing it right now is because it would be nice to play through BioShock with high detail and good FPS.)

I'm honestly considering saving up the necessary money for a copy of Adobe Flash CS3. Flash makes simple game creation ludicrously easy, and I've good enough of a grasp of programming to pick up ActionScript 3.0. To start making one's own games seems like the natural evolution for the gamer who can no longer enjoy others'. The only trouble is Adobe Flash runs something like $550-$700. Ack!


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