Cheesy RogueWizard Fun

My Neverwinter Nights 2 alt-a-holicism issues appear to be a thing of the past thanks to the approach of taking an already existing character I'm doing fairly well with and giving it a formidable tweak in the direction I want to go.

The last several entries have my Sorceror/Arcane Scholar complaining about needing to drag the provided Rogue along everywhere to disarms traps while barely needing to cast a spell because my buff/debuff tactics require extraordinarily few.

My solution is an Arcane Trickster with a Wizard base and some levels of Duelist. The Wizard base swaps out quantity of casts for quality of tactical preparedness, and that's something I should have realized is really more my thing from the start. The Arcane Trickster merges with the prerequisite base 3 Rogue levels to become 10 levels of awesome Wizard progression in which I also get more skill points and sneak attack progression.

The levels of Duelist are what broke my earlier reservations about an Arcane Trickster. This character will have a formidable intelligence score, and there's a trade off between casting potency (after the first duelist level) and additional armor class. This intelligence AC bonus is good to overcome the trouble of having to go unarmored in close range combat to make use of sneak attacks. However, what would be really nice is if this carries over to even shapeshifted forms. (The rules say it works so long as you're not wearing armor or using a shield.)

The overall idea is that I'll throw my buffs before a fight, the few debuffs/crowd control/summons I need at the beginning of a fight, and then use a Polymorph Self, Tenser's Transformation, or Shapechange to become a viable fighter. For most fights, this level of overkill won't even be neccessary, but to have that level of options is what I live for in an RPG.

Combined with something like Cloud of Bewilderment and my lucrative 7d6 sneak attack bonus, I end up a character who is capable of being some kind of Lovecraftian beast who can wade through a mass of disoriented enemies while striking them dead on their most vital spots with many powerful tentacles.


Meanwhile, in human form the character takes care of the traps, inventory management, and conversation pitfalls that suit a party leader. The ability to cast arcane spells provide further utility yet. Sealing the deal beyond even this incredible showing, I'm using my Wizard bonus feats to arrange for the ability to craft wands, magical arms/armor, and wondrous items.

If I have any interest in Neverwinter Nights 2 at all, I've no reason not to see through the end of the official campaign with this character.


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