Digital Dawdling

It seems I've totally lost my gaming groove as of late. All I've been doing lately is wasting a good deal of my free time rerolling Neverwinter Nights 2 characters. Come to think of it, that isn't all that different from months I spent rerolling in City of Heroes. I'm in a rut. So, on days like this, that's what I tend to talk about.

My most recent NWN2 character is a kind of fantasy-themed detective, a fencing Sherlock Homes who occasionally pulls out a Wand of Lightning to even the odds. That's a cooler concept than most adventurers, and probably a step in the right direction: More "find a flavor of hero that resembles what I admire and enjoy it" and less "there is only one correct character choice out of thousands: find it." This is significantly better for my stress level.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Character Generation. Repeat 20 times for my average NWN2 gaming session.

However, that nagging itch in the back of my mind that leads me to reroll characters is once again attracting notice. The trouble is that my latest character is a "do everything" sort of character: he fights well, buffs up well, can deal with traps/locks, and even has magic in the form of magical devices. RPGs generally hate "do everything" characters, and a difficult end game is sure to result.

The trouble with me is that I neither want to feel inadequate (sacrificing power) nor feel that I'm passing up a part of the game I'll enjoy (sacrificing flexibility). Is wanting the best of both worlds so wrong? You tell me.

Regardless, the D20 system seems balanced under an obligation of preventing me from finding this powerful, flexible character in one package. I'm probably better off going with a straight caster of some sort, leaving melee to those less flexible/powerful fighter types.

De-idling GameFly: A study in agitating the inanimate

I have a healthy rule when it comes to my GameFly rented games: If I haven't played the game in a week or two, it's time to send it back. It's a pity, as both Assassin's Creed and Star Fox: Command are excellent games. However, there's hardly a point in renting a game if all it's going to do is sit around and collect dust.

What I'd really like to play is The World Ends With You. It's been getting great reviews and even Yahtzee Croshaw (who makes a point of saying his much he dislikes JRPGs) was just mildly put off from it. Unfortunately, at the rate GameFly seems to hold their copies, it's going to be 2010 until they're able to send me a copy. It would suck if the game went out of print before I could play it.

The World Ends With You trailer compilation (courtesy 20XX).

I'm actually considering buying a copy for myself. This decision comes with a major reservation in that I prefer not to rent, not buy, games simply because unplayed games tend to generate clutter. However, this game cuts through my normal reservations because a sufficiently good game is like a hunting trophy in that (for purely egotistical reasons) it looks great hanging over the mantle.

Actually, taking a sidelong glance, my mantle is not something I'm particularly proud of right now. While I've a number of gems, I've also a hefty amount of games I don't particularly care for and will never play again. I think I'll go trade them in at the local EBGameStop (for no doubt considerably less than they're worth) and see if it'll give me sufficient credit to swing a purchase of The World Ends With You. Viva La Capitalism!

With any luck, my gaming groove will be returning shortly with the acquisition of The World Ends With You. Who knows, a distraction from NWN2 may well get me interested in the game again.


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