Real Life - The constant reaffirmation of truth in existance from a rationally irrational, semi-creationist, gamer's viewpoint

If you were to ask me if I was a gamer for life, I'd have to say that I've made every indication to support this. From a 6 year old on a Vic 20 to my current 31 years of age, I've spent every scrap of my spare time gaming. However, at some point games just didn't satisfy like they used to anymore, and I'm left wondering what to do with myself.

I usually enjoy gaming, the occupation for the impatient and easily bored, yes. However, tackling these difficult quarter-life crisis "what the hell am I doing with my life" issues has a tendency to come first. I'm afraid I've little drive to play much of everything with more pressing issues on my plate.

Employment, yes, but that's just a subset of the whole meaning-in-life thing. I don't just need money in the bank, though it does help verify my existence on a certain societal level in that what I'm doing is important enough as to be a part of the economy. However, in a broader scope, I need a meaningful role in life.

I come to the major problem surrounding my conviction that I'm a computer gamer for life. I'm just not that ignorant anymore - my mind's scope has grown too large for computer games to comfortably accommodate. I'll probably play them anyway, if only because it's the only way I know how to enjoy myself, however briefly.

The days in which I could enjoy a simple game in the comfortable naiveté of my younger days are past. It's little wonder I've taken such a strange approach to gaming lately, finding their mechanics far more interesting than the games themselves, ultimately cumulating in boredom after I've alted them to death. The only games I can still enjoy are sufficiently deep masterpieces, and the amount of game designers authorized to put those together are disappointingly few.


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