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To Savor The Game: Champions Online Edition

Last entry, I mentioned I might write up a series of columns about how one can better enjoy their games. This week, I'd like to talk about Champions Online.

The lead thing to bear in mind about Champions Online is thatyou define the game by how your define your character as much as you do how you play the game.  This is much more so here than in most other MMORPGs.

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Mabinogi: Not So Free2Play After All

A few days ago, I ran down a list of MMORPGs I was not willing to play and noticed that there were a few of them I was willing to give a try.  The foremost of these was Mabinogi, a game produced by devCat, a studio under the South Korean MMORPG company, Nexon, also known for MapleStory - a game boasting about 100 million player accounts.
Of course, I don't play games out of brand name appeal, I play games because they have a fairly interesting mix of mechanics and, while the grind is heavier than I like, Mabinogi is definitely one of those games. The activities are well varied, the combat is genuinely challenging, and there's a focus on the virtual world that I feel is sorely missing from many MMORPGs.

So it is that I shelled ~$10.00 for one of their "premium character cards" in order to reroll a 108 year old character of mine (aging actually stops at 25) and give this game a serious shakedown.  Unfortunately, 8 hours in, I encountered a fatal snag: for a "free…

Illiterate Literacy: What I Learnt About Message Boards

The Internet, and Internet message board forums in particular, can seem like a mentally stimulating place to hang out on. However, I have recently reached an epiphany about message boards, and that is that it's simply too hard to for people to get a point, even a seemingly simple one. This idea begins there and ends at the outer reaches of human intelligence.

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The Top 26 MMORPGs And Why I Don't Play Them

I miss the days when I could have a nice virtual world to log into.  A game in which I could feel like I'm making real progress in life, even if that progress was entirely virtual.  Something I can feel good about coming home to after a long day of doing my work, secure in my belief that quality entertainment awaits me.

I have not been able to do that for a long, long time  Looking down's released MMORPG list organized by current rating/hype, it wasn't from lack of trying on my part.

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