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Gaming Gems: Rune Factory Frontier

The Harvest Moon series are single player games based on surprisingly virtual-worldly premise: you're a farmer given a plot of land on which you must raise plants and animals, upgrading your farm from the profits, and eventually romancing a local village girl to marry and birth a child.  You can almost hear Elton John singing, "Circle of Life."

To an extent, Harvest Moon was already a fantasy game.  It offers the tantalizing prospect of a simpler time which largely holds appeal because they've omitted all the bothersome details of farm life (like swine vesicular disease).   They even introduced such things as faeries and harvest goddesses.  However, the Rune Factory series, a spin-off from the same company, magics things up even further.

In Rune Factory, your farmer is the stereotypical warrior of a mysterious past in a world of commonplace magic and monsters.  Weapons, accessories, and magic join the ordinary farm tools of Harvest Moon.  In addition to your above…