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Altaholic's Anonymous: Lord Of The Rings Online

Another MMORPG, another difficult time for me to decide on a class to play.  While a great part of that comes from me wanting to savor more of the game than a single class can embody, a larger part of class dissatisfaction comes from whether or not the core mechanic of a given class entertains the specific needs of the player.  To these ends, I decided to do an "altaholics guide" that specifically focuses on the play mechanic.
Burglar Preferred Role: DPS: Melee, Debuffer Secondary Roles: Crowd Control
Out of alphabetical necessity, I started with perhaps the most complex-to-play class first.  First impressions of the Burglar reveal a simple melee combatant who uses club, sword, or dagger to artfully disable his opponents while dispatching them at speeds that rivals that of the highest damage doers in the game.  However, the Burglar is a clever creature, and to be truly effective in playing one you need to be ready to utilize a range of varied abilities:
Powerful debuffs, in t…

APB First Impressions: The Only Point That Matters

The All Points Bulletin "Key To The City Event" has largely gone off without a hitch, and while I respect that Real Time Worlds have asked that there be no reviews until release, that's not to say that first impressions are out of bounds, nor to say that many first impressions about the game from this event have not already been made.  Unfortunately, in this over-saturated Information Age, the first impression is often all you get.

APB "Key To The City" gameplay footage from TopZone.It on YouTube.
Now, I'm not going to come right out and say this game sucks because that's not a particularly fair observation.  Though I don't like how heavily instanced it is - 64 players per map does not massively multiplayer make - All Points Bulletin has some very cool features that MMORPGs are long overdue to implement, such as the ability to customize just about everything about your character's appearance and (more importantly as pertains to gameplay mechanic)…

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter: LOTRO Going F2P

My own apparent delusions of grandeur aside, I think there's actually only three things I really wanted to say:
I've become so picky about gaming that my core identity as a gamer has become threatened... it's not that I've lost my passion for games, I just can't enjoy them like I used to anymore.If people really don't like me being confrontational in the face of their comfortable delusions, I either need to adapt a much better approach (perhaps delivering my message with a lot more consideration than typically begets an INTJ), or I need to kill this habit of confronting people entirely.If plan to update this blog, at all, it seems I need to write from the heart from whatever I'm dwelling on at the moment.  This is not a professional undertaking, I'm not writing for a magazine here, so catering to others' expectations does not make a whole lot of sense.At the moment, I'm downloading the Lord Of The Rings Online Free To Play (F2P) beta client and …