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XxxHolic: Not Porn

Another series has fallen before my voracious appetite for anime: XxxHolic, which you can currently see for free streaming either via Anime News Network or on Funimation's YouTube channel.  Granted, I've yet to find a legitimate source freely streaming XxxHolic:Kei (the second season) nor either of the OVAs, but on completing the first season I've certainly an opinion.

The plot is a relatively interesting setup.  The main protagonist, Kimihiro Watanuki, has been born into modern day Japan with a bloodline that grants him the ability to see and be interacted with by spirits.  This is largely a burden he has to deal with alone until he stumbles into the shop of Yuko Ichihara, a seeress who grants wishes in exchange for something of equal value.  Watanuki is informed by Yuko that everything has destiny, nobody meets her by coincidence, and he is hired on as a part-timer in exchange for granting his wish to stop being plagued by spirits.

On The Matter Of Guardian Characters

I like to think I've adopted a good habit: every evening, I'll try to burn 500 calories on my PCGamerBike Mini.  I'm no incredible bubble man, I carry my weight well, but 235-240 lbs is still enough to make me feel like crap after a day of general inactivity from abusing my favorite habit in the world, the computer.

However, an active mind requires something to amuse itself while you're busily pedaling away, and I've yet to devise a good solution for my PCGamerBike that allows me to reach my mouse while pedaling.  What's a fellow to do?

Well, I've taken to watching anime.  It doesn't particularly matter what I watch, so long as it occupies the mind.  I might even watch a kid's anime I'm not particularly proud to admit I've caught some 110 episodes of... and this this how I ended up watching enough Shugo Chara to have an opinion on it.