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Final Fantasy XIV (Open Beta) First Impressions

[I initially wrote this message on's forums under the pretense of being a ridiculously experienced gamer's opinion of Final Fantasy XIV.  Probably no need to mention that here on the grounds that this should be self-evident by it being written to my blog.]

Final Fantasy XIV is pretty much in the same vein as Final Fantasy XI, brought up to date with many notable improvements, and should be appreciated by much the same audience as the players who enjoyed Final Fantasy XI.  It doesn't pretend to be anything else, it doesn't bother competing with WoW because that's the wrong audience for it.   What is delivers is very solid, with some caveats:
It will require a relatively-up-to-date computer: World of Warcraft was designed to run on two year old computers when it was released seven years ago.  Final Fantasy XIV requires a computer that has somewhere along the lines of 20 times the computational power you'd need to run WoW comfortably.  I've …