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Being a true gaming enthusiast...

... entails being more enthusiastic about games than most by definition.

This is the sad fact-of-the-matter when it comes to me and gaming forums.  I don't get banned from forums very often, as I'm generally a courteous participant.  However, forums are funny things, mirrors of humor delusion at work.  I may come up against a popular sentiment in regards to a game and I'm anal retentive enough to notice overexaggeration in the details and call them as I see them.  Being less anal than I, they miss the details of what I am refuting, and begin to argue.  Their irritation breeds slander, which I ultimately end up in trouble for if I'm overly caustic in retaliation.  At the core of such a thread, it all begun simply because I like games more than most, the differences of our opinions are not eligible for reconciliation, and the casual observer will prefer to oversimplify the whole thread as a flame war between haters and fanboys.

The only forum I've ever been permanent…