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FFXIV November Megapatch Mini-Pression

Final Fantasy XIV is attempting to recover the lost ground of its largely lackluster release by releasing a couple of hefty megapatches while extending the free trial a couple months.   Having given the November Megapatch a spin, I see it was mostly Graphical User Interface related.

The GUI is your portal into the game, and with its optimization the game feels much more accessible.  For example:
It now seems to present a lot more information up front rather than forcing you to go a screen or two further to find it.  Many unnecessary pop-up confirmation prompts have been removed.
Customization is easier as well: I was able quickly reorganize the central GUI controls to feel more compact and present information where I wanted it. The GUI feels a lot quicker and more responsive in most places - there's still a necessity for server updates but the impact is greatly mitigated now.
You can actually autosort your inventory (and retainer's inventory) into categories now!To play F…

Exploring Cutting Edge Gaming

While it's comfortable to think of gaming as forever existing in old fashioned PC and console games, times change, and the cutting edge of games moves with them.  Over the last few days, I did some catching up with the modern face of gaming, both in terms of the new generation of MMORPGs and a whole new platform: the iPad.

"The New Generation of MMORPGs"

By this, I'm referring to expertly leveraged free to play games, which you just know all the cool kids are playing.  The two games I played today are both hosted by Nexon, which boasts account numbers in the hundreds of millions.  Even if only a tenth of those subscribers ever dropped a dime on their games, the company is probably making more money than Blizzard is on World of Warcraft. 

Enticed by an interesting mention in PCGamer that this was apparently the most played MMORPG ever, with 200 million accounts and 2 million concurrent logged in players, I first gave Nexon's Dungeon Fighter Online a try... and, t…

Mass Necromancy Complete

I just went through this blog's entire post history and reposted hundreds of my older posts that I had earlier decided didn't make the cut because I figured the historical significance outweighed the merit of the content... for example, I've got posts here about playing Tabula Rasa, a game you no longer can play.

Simultaneously, I revoked an earlier decision that I'd sort the posts into loose categories and instead assigned specific labels befitting the particular game I was talking about in that post.  Anything that does not particularly suit a particular game or medium (e.g. "anime") tends to get sorted under "rant," often suitably so.

So,what's the purpose of the blog?  I suppose that the Digitally Staving Off Boredom blog is simply the ongoing journal of one hardcore gamer's attempts to entertain himself.  His adversary is, as always, boredom.  The allies of his adversary are largely commercial interests which have lead mainstream gaming…

Honeymoon's Over: Final Fantasy XIV

I've been generally supportive of Final Fantasy XIV, as the game is more virtualy-worldly than the theme park MMORPGs I've largely burnt out from.  Unlike some professional reviewers, I'm not such a pansy as to find exerting a little effort or a console-friendly interface as grounds for dismissing a game's entertainment potential.  Unfortunately, I've finally encountered a problem I cannot rationalize my way out of: I ran out of content.

I can't abide leveling or acquiring wealth just for the sake of power fantasies anymore, so what I want is gameplay or (as is usually the main draw to a roleplaying game) a story.  In terms of content, Final Fantasy XIV's delivers a dreadful dearth of either:
The story-driven quest line behind each of the three major cities is the greatest highlight the game has to offer, and the greatest similarity to the qualities of the Final Fantasy brand.  As it stands over a month after release, a city's entire quest line, cinemati…