Mass Necromancy Complete

I just went through this blog's entire post history and reposted hundreds of my older posts that I had earlier decided didn't make the cut because I figured the historical significance outweighed the merit of the content... for example, I've got posts here about playing Tabula Rasa, a game you no longer can play.

Simultaneously, I revoked an earlier decision that I'd sort the posts into loose categories and instead assigned specific labels befitting the particular game I was talking about in that post.  Anything that does not particularly suit a particular game or medium (e.g. "anime") tends to get sorted under "rant," often suitably so.

So,what's the purpose of the blog?  I suppose that the Digitally Staving Off Boredom blog is simply the ongoing journal of one hardcore gamer's attempts to entertain himself.  His adversary is, as always, boredom.  The allies of his adversary are largely commercial interests which have lead mainstream gaming astray by encouraging too many derivative experiences, leaving him to try to derive entertainment out of a few games to which he frequently revisits.

You may notice certain patterns, and I think I learned a few things in review as well:
  • Later 2008 and the entirety of 2009 would appear to have not existed.  This is because I was blogging on WordPress during that time.  It's a pity, because there our story undergoes an interesting shift, where I begin to dabble in creating my own games for a change.  It's a quest that has largely stalled due to lack of progress.  I should look into if I can import those posts here to Blogger. 
  • I've apparently played a lot of City of Heroes in the past, to the point where I should probably consider it a major life influence. Ironically, I'm currently terminally burnt out from the game, thanks in part to recent additions such as the Architect issue and Going Rogue severely diluting the focus of the game and its players, in part thanks to the release of Champions Online which has provided a (inferior in some ways but superior in others) alternative.  I suppose all good things must come to an end... I wonder how DC Universe Online will turn out.
  • The only activity I've blogged about more frequently than City of Heroes is altaholicism in general, it seems to be something I'll do in any RPG of adequate flexibility the moment I'm starting to get bored, and find the very process of hunting for better characters fascinating enough to write some very long entries about.
  • Perhaps the part of my blog that aged the best was the original fiction.  I should really do more of those.  Whether or not you like the resulting stories, they're good creative exercises for me.
You may also notice some minor technical issues:
  • It seems the spacing was lost on many of my archived drafts, particularly if they are several paragraphs following a list, probably a Blogger compression scheme gone wrong.  I've attempted to fix them, but paragraphs will flow strangely if I messed up.
  • A lot of my older pictures have been lost.  I used to be hosting them somewhere that is now defunct.  I removed the broken links, but these posts remain just walls of text at this time.
  • I used to have a Javascript-based text expander to reduce the wall-of-text qualities of my posts.  That's no longer enabled in the inline CSS, so when I was revising my posts I simply removed those now defunct links. Of course, the previously suppressed walls-of-text are now completely revealed.
Will I start blogging more often again?  Time will tell.  In any case, it's been an interesting review for me today.


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