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F2P Champions Online Experience

Oh, Champions Online, you could have been a significantly greater contender if you didn't undermine yourself with consolitus and then fail to pull through. DC Universe Online has basically done what Champions Online could not. If they had stuck to being PC exclusive and managed to avoid moving onto this unsatisfactory customization design, things might have been interesting.

That said, Champions Online was not terrible, just bland, but it's had over a year of refinement put into it and play is noticeably more refined than release. Nevertheless, I was put off by at least two things about it:
The action-based, shallow gameplay experience, which left you soloing the greater part of the time, didn't really feel MMORPGish, consequently I really wasn't hooked in such a way as to want to spend a monthly subscription on it.While I like a bit of customization, it seems Champions Online's character progression system lacked a certain necessary structure to make…