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Rift Class Selection Breakdown

The beta for Rift: Planes Of Telara has come to a close.  However, I did spend an extensive amount of time giving all the classes a serious shakedown specifically so I can settle that age old altaholicism of mine.

Choosing a main class
An important consideration to give towards Rift's 4 main classes is that each of them can fulfill role on the holy trinity of Tank (the hero who absorbs the enemy's wrath) Healer (the hero who heals the damage the tank takes) and DPS (the hero who inflicts damage on the enemy). However, there's a varying degree to it. To sum it up:

General play style: Just about every soul the Warrior plays will put you into melee combat, with the Riftblade offering some options otherwise. If you like getting up close and personal for steel-on-steel, the Warrior is your pick.

Can Tank? Absolutely. The Paladin, Void Knight, and Reaver are specialized to do this. However, every Warrior wears the heaviest armor and has ability to grab aggro (enemy hos…

Tried-and-true MMORPG fans: your Rift has come in

I’ve played Rift: Planes Of Telara pretty extensively, participating in two of the six previous beta events.  Me, a repeat MMORPG burnout for whom the current heavyweight, World of Warcraft, only entertained me for about four weeks.  Yet, I've a level 30 Mage in the Rift beta and am suffering from "riftdrawl" for the time between now and the final open beta week that begins on February 15th.

I suspect a significant amount of players will jump on board at release. Why wouldn’t they? As far as games in the lineage of Meridian 59/EverQuest go, Rift is the finest available.  Trion did the exact same thing Blizzard did with World of Warcraft: they disseminated what all the good features were in the greater bulk of MMORPGs that came before it and captured these features in a single, unusually well-polished game.   It's all here:
Your World of Warcraft slick combat, death mechanic, simplified crafting, and dungeon instances.Your Warhammer Online public quests, PvP scenarios…