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Confound These Ponies, They Have Driven Me To Blog

I can no longer contain my incredulousness of this thing, one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" things.
This video is most popular with:
Gender Age
Male 25-34
Male 18-24
Female 13-17

This series has become a forced meme that took over 4chan up to the point where the mods put their foot down and it spun off its own boards. Suffice to say, there's been quite a few fan works...

... and, surprisingly enough, I'm fully on board with this meme. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd actually like My Little Pony. In my world view, the 80s crap was and remains a vapid mind killer that is fully worthy of derision. Generations 2-3 stayed the course with slicker styling. Hey, if little girls wanted that sort of thing, more power to them, but given the choice between watching the original series and movies versus enduring a waterboarding session, I'd have to flip a coin.

Along comes generation 4, masterminded by some of the talent behind Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, with clever writing and genuinely likable characters. Watched an episode and it was hook, line, and sinker. Sure, it's a bit overly sweet in some places - the intro gives me a sugar withdrawal headache that may in fact be a self-inflicted lobotomy of cognitive dissonance waged between the inner kid and adult shouting, "you're watching this, are you fucking kidding me" at each other for differing reasons - but damn it, the series is good. Best new kids show of 2010 good

I think I mostly posted this because this show's Internet popularity has slightly surpassed all expectations.


Basically, just about any message board of sufficient geek significance will have a thread on this show, and it'll be at least 20% larger than any other topic in the history of the board. Though the show debuted in Oct 2010, its popularity is the highest its ever been, and only increasing. Why? Nobody knows

I like it, your mileage may vary, but be forewarned: once you go sufficiently pony, there may be no going back.  I have no man card anymore. Pickpocketed, stolen by little pony hooves. *sob*


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