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Impaled by the Sword of the Stars

I'm still operating on a college student's game budget and, daunted by this rather poor job market, generally bad at improving this situation.  However, over the past month, some rays of sunshine have entered this bleak picture. The latest being being Sword of the Stars, which I picked up a complete edition of for $7 three weeks ago and have been happily playing since.

Sword of the Stars, a 4X space empire game, is in ways both old news and new news.
The game was initially released in 2006, but has received three expansions.  The first expansion, Born in Blood, was released in 2007.   The second expansion, A Murder Of Crows, was released in 2008.  A third expansion, the Argos Naval Yard, was released in 2009. A complete edition, that includes all the expansions and some additional bug fixes, was released in 2010. A sequel, Sword of the Stars 2, is due around the end of this year. If you were to buy the "complete" edition, released in 2010 and all-inclusive of all ex…