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Where Gaming Is Today

It sure is a lot easier to copy a post I already made in reply to existing commentary than come up with a new blog entry, so here we go.

It's funny just how much time we spend talking about how to define the words we use considering how anything said on the Internet is doomed to be taken out of context anyway.

I think we're all in general agreement that an MMORPG is a game that is predominantly made of persistent space with an extremely high amount of players able to interact within that space. However, even this common definition is a bit of an optical illusion. In reality, no MMORPG really has successfully managed to put several hundred players in close contact with eachother without suffering from bottlenecks that sabotage the gameplay and the solution has been to split them up by worlds (servers), geography (zones), and even outright copies of the same geography (instances). The more divided the player base is, the faster the gameplay you can host, and a lar…

Terraria and S.P.A.Z. are awesome

This week, two extremely fabulous gems dropped out of the sky upon me, the significance of such being as though the Gods had descended from on high to apologize for that whole "casual friendly" butchering of the gaming medium and make up for it by heralding a new golden era of PC gaming all in the same week.

The first was Terraria, a procedurally generated world that allows you to live vicariously in glorious 2D. It features a digging and building mechanic very similar to Minecraft. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria actually feels like a game, and a large part of that has to do with a subtle switch in balance and content:
In Minecraft, you spend days digging hoping to find a diamond block or a chest with a record in it. The greatest thing to do in Minecraft is to build elaborate 3D fortresses out of blocks, and the occasional creeper is just a speed bump.
In Terraria, you can build a little city inhabited by various merchant NPCs that come if you fulfill certain conditions, meanwh…