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Bored Of Everything. Lets Blog About It!

Whatever happened to that "productive" time when I was churning out regular Blog entries?  Well, to a great extent, I got apprehensive about my content.  Realizing that nobody wanted to hear me talking about being a City of Heroes altaholic for well over 50 posts I decided to not post unless I had something of value to say.  Yet, the truth of the matter is, the criteria of value is a largely subjective thing.  I might as well yack about whatever I care about in the present moment and, if it seems like it's simply not worth your time to read, what kind of procrastinator are you?  As much as I'd like to churn out quality posts ala Lum The Mad, I've never been particularly good at goading myself into productivity.

Internet, your attention span sucks, so here is the only trailer to Katawa Shoujo you'll ever need.
Speaking of whom, taking my bearings just now, I see Lum has a new forum up over here.  His is a little Internet subculture I'd been involved in from…