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Bored Of Everything. Lets Blog About It!

Whatever happened to that "productive" time when I was churning out regular Blog entries?  Well, to a great extent, I got apprehensive about my content.  Realizing that nobody wanted to hear me talking about being a City of Heroes altaholic for well over 50 posts I decided to not post unless I had something of value to say.  Yet, the truth of the matter is, the criteria of value is a largely subjective thing.  I might as well yack about whatever I care about in the present moment and, if it seems like it's simply not worth your time to read, what kind of procrastinator are you?  As much as I'd like to churn out quality posts ala Lum The Mad, I've never been particularly good at goading myself into productivity.

Internet, your attention span sucks, so here is the only trailer to Katawa Shoujo you'll ever need.

Speaking of whom, taking my bearings just now, I see Lum has a new forum up over here.  His is a little Internet subculture I'd been involved in from time to time and, looking back, I see these as being rather awkward years for me wholly because I cared a lot than anyone else on that board and came off the fool more than once.  Considering the once great fandom of LTM has largely dispersed across the Internet (likely having their free time occupied with having real jobs and families, the poor schmucks) the post count really can't keep up with my level of contribution without me diminishing the fun everyone else there, so it's best I stay away and let them have their fun. 

Whatever shall I do with my spammy self? I'd try Escapist Magazine's forums but (years ago) I managed to accrue 4 moderator warnings for snapping at the 16-year-olds that dominate their forum, and it only takes a cursory glance to see that any sane person would.  No, Zac, I don't wish to discuss whether I'd have sex with an opposite gendered version of myself.  The Escapist moderation and badge-awarding policy has truly produced an atrocious place, but at least there's still Zero Punctuation. The forums aren't much better: the moderators have sided with the self-entitled brats that make up the majority of their forum and consequently it's no place for intellectual discourse. In the end, I guess I might as well stick to discussing about ponies.

Fucking ponies. How do they work?

A lot of cool things have happened in the gaming world since I last blogged.  So much, that I don't particularly care to wrack my brain trying to remember them all, so lets focus on the present.

Currently, I find myself playing Star Wars: The Old Republic wholly because I'm tired of nearly every MMORPG being about fantasy.  You know what?  Star Wars is still cool, even after three dull prequels and a previous MMORPG that first forced you to be a moisture farmer and then told players they could not anymore. All you need to do is look at the Knights Of The Old Republic and Clone Wars to know that the Star Wars IP is just fine provided you stick to action/adventure.

SWTOR Arena-based PVP: This will be your end game, at least for the time being.

A pity that Sci-Fi creative difference from the fantasy fare has been largely soured by cribbing Blizzard's World of Warcraft much harder than is truly necessary.  And yes, I know about Meridian 59, EverQuest, ect.  But seriously, they've got ability trees and global cooldowns identically balanced to WoW, what more do you need to know that this was deliberate cloning?  Sure, tried-and-true works, but (from an innovation standpoint) they should have tried to do better than watered-down WoW.

However, I don't hate the game.  Fact of the matter is I'm perfectly alright with them going that route so long as I'm moderately well entertained, and the up shot about having Bioware make an MMORPG is at least they put a lot of focus on telling the story.  (Granted, the story itself is fairly predictable if you assume the point of any Bioware story is to introduce some companions and be given the opportunity to tap some opposite-sex (and sometimes same-sex) ass.)  I'm even alright with the on-rails space shooter sequence, given that I've seen the alternative in Star Wars Galaxies and that was no X-Wing.

SWTOR Space Combat: PEW PEW PEW! Works for me.

Would that I could get myself to enjoy Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I might have a bit of a diversion to get into between grinding in SWTOR.  However, once you get high enough level in the game, it becomes clear that the developers neglected to finish it.  With the smithing skill you can make weapons and armor that are about fifteen times more potent (not exaggerating) than anything your NPC opposition will be using, making destruction magic obsolete. It bothers me that illusion magic stops working past a certain level of foe: way to thumb your nose at any player that dared specialize in being a master illusionist.  I've been trying to get back into Skyrim lately, but I honestly can't think of any one path (Warrior, Mage, or Thief) or hybrid thereof that would entertain me long enough to finish the main plot line.  I'll likely continue to try.

Finally, we have my recent infatuation with League of Legends.  I'm fairly new to the DOTA clone market, and I have to say that I enjoy the chess-like quality and real player skill that goes into this game.  Of all the contenders in this market, League of Legends is probably the slickest-executed in terms of providing variety and player accessibility.  The alternatives tend to be either buggier or have a higher barrier of entry.  Free to play as welll, it's little wonder League of Legends has more active players than World of Warcraft.

The video title says it all, really.

I'm looking forward to Planetside 2's beta.  We'll see how that turns out, but I imagine a free-to-play updated Planetside will go swimmingly well, provided they managed to nail their net code down to the point where warping doesn't undermine the fundamental gameplay like it did in the original.  I recently gave the original Planetside another spin and was stunned at how dated it looked, as well as reminded that charging the same tower over and over again is both ridiculously monotonous and completely wastes a great deal of the potential of a virtual world space by removing the point of there being that space.
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