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Reflections On A Sims 3 Binge

EAMaxis's The Sims 3 is certainly an impressive cash cow.  At release, the game was among the top ten PC games ever sold.  However, there are also regular expansion packs released which cost about as much as the base game (about $20-$40 each).  This is not going into the lunacy of stuff packs, which add "stuff" to the Sims 3, and sell for about $20 apiece.  On top of that, they've a microtransaction store built into the game, a feature that have been used to financially support other games all by itself.  It's little wonder EA is such a determined pusher of downloadable content: the Sims reassures them continually how willing we are to fork out for it.

Or you could just save yourself some money and watch this video,  which is the most fun in Sims 3 you will never have.
Being the frugal person I am, I waited until the Sims 3 was on sale, buying the base game and the first four expansions for 50-66% off, saving about $100 while simultaneously losing about $100 I'd…

The Internet Continues To Fix Skyrim: Mod Compilation #2

Mod:Undying Companions
Rating: Recommended
Why you want it: Your companions in Skyrim have a nasty tendency to get accidentally killed by you, resulting in an annoying reload of a save.  This mod marks them as "essential," making them much harder to kill.
Why you may not want it: While quite a few companions are covered, not all of them are, and you will need to disable this mod if you're doing some quest that requires you kill a companion.  Also, certain mods you may already be using, such as Epic Endeavors, will have already done this for you.

Mod:Exalted Magic - Indefinite Buffs
Rating: Recommended
Why you want it: Use this instead of the competing mod, Invested Magic, to allow certain buffs to last for a long time without need for recasting them.  Unlike Invested Magic, there's not all that extra junk tacked on, such as destruction spell balance changes and extra perk(s).  (It may also not have the Muffle bug, but this is unconfirmed: I think there's something abo…

Community Mods: Fixing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, One Plugin At A Time

I think I burned out from Elder Scrolls V the first time in November, 2011.  With a level 63 character to show for it, I can't say that I wasn't enjoying the game enough to put quite a few hours into it, but I hit a certain brick wall of quite a number of cumulative issues which prevented me from really seeing the game through to completion.  As the Skyrim Steam Workshop is now unlocked, I've a list of mods I can recommend to fix many of these problems.

The above video is another thing I really recommend you do in order to eliminate a significant amount of that crippling mouse lag.

Mod: SkyUI
Ranking: MUST HAVE

Perhaps the worst problem Skyrim has is that your inventory soon becomes a cluttered mess that makes a simple task, such as dropping something you accidentally picked up, a terrible chore.

SkyUI rectifies this considerably by making your inventory sortable by category and even allows you to search your inventory by string, sort your inventory by value/weight ratio, and…